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A Better Analysis of the Revenue Cycle - Payer Un-collectables

Why is payer money not collected?

It is estimated that 30-40% of denials are due to front-end registration and eligibility issues.  If billing staff are diligent with the patient benefit verification steps from our last Medical Billing Blog: A Better Analysis of the Revenue Cycle-Patient Collections, you should be able to reduce that percentage to almost 0%. 

A Better Analysis of the Revenue Cycle-Patient Collections

Let’s be honest, in most healthcare businesses we are doing more and more with less and less staff.  The end of the day/week is here before you know it.  That list of tasks, stack of papers and inboxes still full of unopened messages are still there. 

We Should Focus on the Cycle as Much as the Revenue

I checked Google Trends for the term “Revenue Cycle”, these are some of the related terms I found: revenue management, revenue cycle management, revenue cycle healthcare, accounting cycle.   At number 5 was: what is revenue cycle.revenue cycle managment

Keep it Simple: 3 Ways to File Secondary Claims

In the June Network Bulletin from UnitedHealthcare, I came across an article discussing the proper way to file a secondary claim when Medicare is primary.  Even though the information was not new, I thought it might be helpful to go back through the 3 ways you can file secondary claims.

Billing Note: CMS has posted a recommendation on proper billing when a commercial payer is secondary.

Time to Get on the MIPS Ships


Avoid Chaos at the End of the Month

My internet search for “What is the monthly close?” produced this result from the Accounting Coach website: