Connectivity Clearinghouse

Problem: Office landscape with multiple systems, incompatible software, few support resources to overcome inefficient data workflows.

Enter: Shavara Connectivity Clearinghouse.

A proprietary custom software to facilitate efficient, flexible, and cost effective interfaces between disparate data systems.

Shavara's Connectivity Clearinghouse becomes the bridge connecting otherwise incompatible systems, allowing data to flow between them.

Shavara has learned a lot in its 12+ years of dedicated focus in Radiation Oncology. We have listened to our users and incorporated many features and capabilities into Iridium Suite. This foundation of knowledge is our 'experience capital', the know-how we apply to solve gaps and vulnerabilities affecting the revenue cycle process.

In fact, several built-in Iridium Suite capabilities have measureable market potential as standalone bolt-on solutions:

  • Shavara claim scrubber
  • Shavara Connectivity Clearinghouse

Shavara's Connectivity Clearinghouse is one of several break-out capabilities emerging from our foundation of 'experience capital'.

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Shavara's Connectivity Clearinghouse is your path to revenue cycle management: Accomplished

Revenue Cycle Management: Accomplished.

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Revenue Cycle Management: Accomplished.

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by Shavara

Shavara has the accumulated 'experience capital', the market know-how, the intricacies of coding, billing and connectivity that we have 'learned'. It is the basis of the work we do in Catalysis - Shavara's Professional Services Engagements.

Revenue Cycle Management: solved.

What is Catalysis?


To "catalyze" is to rapidly advance by applying powerful tools and industry expertise. Catalysis becomes the process to gain access to the power, apply it to solve gaps and vulnerabilities - then rapidly advance. Shavara possesses the tools to apply Catalysis via collaborative engagements. Our infinite targets are the enterprise organizations: Hospitals, clearinghouse processors, Insurance companies (payers), and large physician practices, peppered throughout the Healthcare system that all share equally the challenges, pitfalls, inefficiencies, ineffectiveness, and the deliberate speed-bumps placed there by bureaucrats to slow down the revenue cycle.

What are the costs of these speed-bumps to the Healthcare system? The costs are in the billions.

Inefficiencies / ineffectiveness / inaccuracies in coding and billing mean:

  • a higher cost of money due to extended A/Rs
  • a higher cost of operating due to the number of additional staff required to research and chase down A/Rs
  • a decline in the quality and calibre of care - care outcomes due to the necessity of placing so much cost on the administrative and operational side of the equation

Therefore, solving this eliminates and holds the potential to improve organizational effectiveness, reduce the cost of healthcare and improve healthcare outcomes.


So, who is Shavara?  What is that old lamp on the corner of the desk?

That lamp holds wisdom. The cumulative potential of that wisdom holds the potential to dramatically impact operational effectiveness and improve healthcare outcomes.

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