Medical Business Systems Unveils Its Proprietary Connectivity Clearinghouse

Reno, NV – Locally owned Medical Business Systems (MBS) announces the release of its proprietary Connectivity Clearinghouse which facilitates seamless integration between its practice management system, Iridium Suite, and third party Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems.  

With the Connectivity Clearinghouse, Iridium Suite users are able to import and export patient demographics, insurance data and CPT charges between Iridium Suite and their EMR/EHR systems using an HL7 format, or a variety of other file formats.  The Connectivity Clearinghouse was developed by, and is wholly owned by, Medical Business Systems.  This gives Iridium Suite users unparalleled control and flexibility in managing their medical data integration and improves data security.

Integrating Iridium Suite with a practice’s EMR/EHR eliminates the need to re-key data that is already present in the clinic’s electronic records and can reduce the incidence of missed charges.  Use of the Connectivity Clearinghouse allows Iridium Suite to import and export data with minimum delays and in a more cost effective manner than with other systems.  Medical Business Systems’ IT staff works closely with the practice to ensure smooth implementation of the integration process.

Iridium Suite offers a manual import option which allows for maximum oversight to ensure the accuracy of the data being imported.  However, Iridium Suite’s automatic import capabilities can be utilized if a practice trusts the data source and does not require direct management of the information prior to its addition to the billing database.  When the CPT charge data import is complete, Iridium Suite automatically scrubs the data alerting the user to charges that conflict with CCI Edit and other built-in scrubber rules.

The Connectivity Clearinghouse is an innovative development which provides Iridium Suite users with an industry-leading solution for easy EMR/EHR data integration.

Iridium Suite is a leader in the medical billing software market.  Iridium Suite’s users experience unparalleled practice management automation and error prevention measures which result in improved staff productivity and increased claim reimbursement and cash flow.  With Iridium Suite:

green arrow bullet  Practices have access to fully integrated Real-Time Eligibility allowing direct online verification of patient’s insurance policy validity.

green arrow bullet  The built-in Scheduler facilitates easy navigation, efficient appointment setting, and detailed resource allocation.

green arrow bullet  Iridium Suite’s automatic scrubber provides immediate feedback, alerting medical billers when a charge is in violation of medical billing rules which helps practices bill claims correctly the first time.

green arrow bullet  Using Iridium Suite’s fully integrated and automated electronic billing features, practices are able to send electronic claims and receive ERAs without having to interact with a third party system.

green arrow bullet  Users can resolve their Accounts Receivable entirely within the software, never having to print out paper reports.

green arrow bullet  Iridium Suite’s robust reporting module allows practices to analyze their fiscal health and clinical data through hundreds of easy-to-configure reports.

About Medical Business Systems

Medical Business Systemsis an innovator in the field of medical billing software.  Medical Business Systems was founded by a practicing physician.   Its flagship product, Iridium Suite medical billing software, was developed in clinical setting.  Iridium Suite features leading edge technology which benefits its users throughout the United States.  For more information, please visit

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