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Is Your Billing System a Failed Lab Experiment Like Indominus Rex?

Like many people around the country, I went to see Jurassic World on opening weekend.  In this one, the big trouble maker was a genetic hybrid of various dinosaurs and other creatures.

In theory, it seemed like a good idea, but of course there were unforeseen bad consequences.  

There are Many Partners in the Cancer Fight

Yesterday I noted the numerous local events held June 7th in honor of National Cancer Survivor Day.  I started thinking about not just those survivors but those who work tirelessly every day in the cancer fight.

Most patients diagnosed with cancer have a team of medical professionals: surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, etc.

Is the Proof REALLY in the Pudding or Chocolate?

Why chocolate?  I’ll tell you.  I came across an article by a science journalist where he “confessed” to making up a scientific survey with results that indicated eating chocolate aided weight loss.  You can read about that here.  His intent was to highlight how gullible most people are when reading information that seems “real” either in print or on the web.  He dangled the bait so well, Shape magazine even bit it.

Biller’s Blog Special Edition: New Iridium Suite Billing Software and Your Office Workflow

When a medical practice or physician billing service chooses the best medical billing software for their needs, they probably still have some anxieties. 

Biller’s Blog Special Edition: Issuing Payer Refund

In my last Biller’s Blog Special Edition: Correcting Invalid Payer Information I reviewed how to properly update patient insurance policy information when encountering an invalid/expired policy.  Click here if you missed it and would like to read it now.

5 Facts About ICD-10


3 Ways Iridium Suite Revenue Cycle Management Keeps Data Safe

Anthem’s data breach was big headlines recently.  Other large businesses like Target and Home Depot have also had similar issues.


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