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Will 2016 See an Increase of End-of-Life Discussions with Patients?

Many of us have heard the reference to this portion of a Benjamin Franklin quotation: “…but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”  Each year we come face to face with taxes, they cannot be avoided.  Unfortunately when patients have become seriously ill many are unaware of the benefit of advance-care planning.  Studies have shown it leads to better care, higher patient and family satisfaction, fewer unwanted hospitalizations, lower rates of caregiver distress/depression, etc.

Biller’s Blog Special Edition Managing Your Payers With Peace of Mind

New Iridium Suite customers provide their customer support representative with a list of their current payer profile.  At that time, all payers are looked up on the clearinghouse website to identify which electronic services (primary claims, coordination of benefits claims, ERAs, and real time eligibility) are offered.  Payers requiring additional enrollment by the provider are noted and the necessary forms, etc. are completed.

Have Too Much to Remember? We Have Tools to Help

As I brushed my teeth this morning, I made a mental note that I was getting low on toothpaste and should buy some the next time I am at the market.  This then made me remember I am out of dishwasher detergent and have a prescription to re-order.


Radiation Oncology Reimbursement for Hospice Patients Can Be Challenging

My mother passed away while in hospice care.  As someone with first-hand experience, I see the definite value in the service.  After spending many years working in a Radiation Oncology practice, I feel that Hospice is often an underutilized option for many patients.  I think this is mainly due to common misconceptions about what “hospice” really means. 

Biller’s Blog Special Edition: Using Built-In Scrubber Rules to Ensure Billing Compliance

The biggest billing buzz in Radiation Oncology for the last two weeks is about the bundling of code 77290 (Therapeutic radiology simulation-aided field setting; complex) with code 77301 (Intensity modulated radiation therapy plan).

Let's Stop HIV In Its Tracks

No ICD-10 Puts US in the Dark Ages

As the ICD-10 implementation deadline nears the 90 Day mark, there are still attempts by some Congress members to delay it, create an 18 month grace period and even cancel altogether.