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Routine Chart Audits for Documentation Can Keep You Out of Hot Water

A whistleblower lawsuit against a Georgia oncology practice may result in finding up to $100 million in overpayments made on inaccurately coded evaluation and management charges.

Taking the Stress Out of Out of Pocket Expenses

Recently I have been seeing numerous online article titles discussing the stress caused to patients over the cost of their cancer treatment.  Some titles are:

New Adverse Event in Cancer Treatment: 'Financial Toxicity'

Big Radiation Oncology Changes on the Horizon

Proposed 2016 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (MPFS) rules promise to keep many specialty providers and healthcare administrators on their toes.Detailed information is available on the CMS web site.

Iridium Suite is a Grand Slam

Tennis star Serena Williams is poised to earn the distinguishing accomplishment of a singles Grand Slam winner. 


grand slam

 She has won three majors this year, Wimbledon and the French and Australian Opens.

 If she continues the streak at the US Open she will be successful.

Biller’s Blog Special Edition – Iridium Suite Making ICD 10 a Piece of Cake

The latest news from CMS in regards to the ICD 10 implementation should be a relief to many that have been worried about the possibilities of claims being denied based on incorrect ICD 10 codes. 

 icd 10 family of codes