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A Dozen Facts about MACRA

The Medicare SGR was axed in 2015 much to the pleasure of physicians and healthcare administrators around the country. 

Biller’s Blog Special Edition: Claim Rejections Part 2 - Payer Level

Last month I wrote about common clearinghouse claim rejections and how to prevent them.

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Biller’s Blog Special Edition: Claim Rejections Part 1 - Clearinghouse Level

It has been a particularly busy time around the Support Department in the first third of 2016.  We have had the pleasure of adding several new private medical practices and a couple of billing service customers.

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CMS Reverses View on Bundling 77300 Into 77290

On January 5, 2016 in the medical billing blog titled “Radiation Oncology Billing – An Ever Moving Target” we talked about numerous CMS radiation oncology coding changes. One of the more financially negative ones was the implementation of a NCCI edit effecting 3D radiation therapy treatment planning. CPT code 77295 was going to include the basic dosimetry calculation(s) represented by CPT code 77300.

Radiation Oncology Billing – An Ever Moving Target

For 2015 radiation oncology medical practice management was thrown into a billing conundrum with the temporary “G” codes introduced by Medicare for radiation therapy treatment delivery and image guidance. 

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Your Account Receivables Can Get Out of Control. 3 Ways to Protect Yourself

We are just over a month into ICD10 and just over a month away from 2016.  This is the optimal time to take a good look at your Account Receivables.  You want to make sure denials and rejections have not increased due to the ICD10 codes transition.  Reviewing service lines with old or untouched balances can help identify issues that can be quickly resolved before the hectic days at the first of the year.