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3 Recommendations for a Smooth Transition to a New Practice Management System

I have been through several implementations of medical billing software changes.  Some from the practice side and others from the software support software implementation plan

After the software selection process is made, a transition plan should be made to ensure the least impact on your business’ efficiency and cash flow. 

Feel Like a Rocket Scientist-Learn to Balance a Medicare Remittance Advice

Revenue cycle management systems offering the auto-adjudication of 835 ERA data files is extremely common these days.

It is likely that some newer medical billing specialists have little to no experience in deciphering the details of a remittance advice (RA). 

Biller’s Blog Rad/Onc Special Edition – NCCI Edit of 77300 With 77295 Removed Retroactively

Radiation Oncology has not had a lot of wins in the reimbursement arena as of late.  That is until now. Effective January 1, 2016, the billing of basic dosimetry code 77300 when creating a 3D treatment plan, code 77295, was bundled using the NCCI medical billing software

Discussing Financial Responsibility with Patients, Uncomfortable but Necessary

One of the most delicate subjects medical office staff must discuss with patients is what to expect for their financial responsibility.  The insurance trend in past years has consisted of skyrocketing deductibles, co-insurance percentages, and out of pocket limits. 

Trust Shavara with your medical billing needs   The best advice I have for the situation is: be honest.