You Need a Swiss Army Knife in Your Medical Practice

Well not a “real” Swiss Army Knife, a figurative one.  This tool is idolized as having anything you might need on hand to get you out of a sticky situation:

swiss army knife

Tweezers nail file, screwdriver, blade, toothpick, key ring, scissors, flash drive, corkscrew, etc.

So why not demand to have the same versatility in the software you use for your medical billing? 

Tools included in your practice management system should be able to be customized to fit your practice specifics, assist in streamlining workflow and increase profits.

Let’s look at how Iridium Suite by Medical Business Systems includes numerous unique functions that will exceed your expectations for billing software: 


  • If you have a diverse IT network, Iridium Suite can be run on a variety of operating systems:Mac, Windows and Linux.


  • If your practitioners offer services both as outpatient hospital providers and free-standing office providers, it can be difficult to remember to update the place of service when entering charges.  Our practice management system can be configured to automatically assign the correct place of service code and will add any necessary procedure code modifiers based on the POS.


  • Any hospital based physicians are acutely aware of the complications of using the hospital network to run “non-hospital” software.  Iridium Suite is accessible via the internet therefore there is no need to install the program on the hospital network.


  • This web-based platform allows unlimited numbers of users the ability to work from any location that you have internet access.  You literally have your medical billing software at your fingertips.


  • By utilizing out Connectivity Clearinghouse, you can import data directly from your EHR via an HL7 format.  Patient demographics, insurance data, and charges can be transferred almost instantaneously, eliminating the need for manual entry and paper charge slips.


  •  Integrated EDI functions include: real time eligibility verification, electronic claims transmission and acknowledgements, automatic ERA importing and adjudication.


  • Routine practice reports can be created and then scheduled to run automatically by the software. They are then emailed directly to all appropriate users.


  • Built in CCI edits and customizable claim scrubber rules will advise users of claim conflicts prior to submittals decreasing the incidents of claim denials.


medical billing softwareSee how our versatility is the key to your success: