Workplace Wellness- Even More Important for Healthcare Workers

The pressures of working in a healthcare environment can be overwhelming.  Too many patients, too little time, too little staff, too much “red tape”, too little reimbursement, too many expenses, too much competition….

A 2013 survey by recruiting firm CareerBuilder estimated that 60% of healthcare workers experience burnout.

worker burnout

Other alarmingly high rates of “dissatisfaction”:

34% planned to look for a new job in 2013

45% planned to look for a new job over the next two years

80% who were not actively looking for a job at the time, would be open to a new position if they came across the right opportunity

look in the mirror What does that mean, look left, look right or look in the mirror, probably at least one of these people falls into one of these categories.

We all know employee satisfaction is the key to better patient care and contributes to a better bottom line as well.  So if you are the boss, owner, manager, CEO, “big cheese” or otherwise the decision maker,

I have a clue to improve the “attitude” in your healthcare environment.

healthcare worker survey

It starts with: “Corporate” and finishes with “Wellness”.

employee health concernsThe results of a poll by ComPsych, highlight areas of employee health concerns:

39% weight loss

26% stress

17% exercising

9% diet improvements

6% quitting smoking

After reading this list, it is evident how many of these items are definitely intertwined.  Exercise reduces stress and helps with weight loss.  Quitting smoking can be stressful and have negative effects on weight and diet.  But, if you can develop a Corporate Wellness program to assist your employees in addressing these concerns, it will be a win-win situation for all involved.

corporate wellnessThis is a great time to get into the wellness game.  Many commercial insurance companies are enthusiastic about playing a role in assisting its insured to live healthy lifestyles. You should consult your insurance coverage website and contact them regarding initiating a program in your company.

Your company will become a partner in its employees’ health and to do this, changes may need to be made.

workplace wellness

You can replace some of those fat laden/salty snacks and sugary sodas in the break room vending machines with healthier alternatives. 

Have a dispenser of cold bottled water to encourage employees to drink more water.  A five minute break to walk down the hall to get a drink, also serves a purpose to get sedentary workers to move around and increase circulation, etc.

Consider a “flex” schedule to allow exercise times during the day or turn a little-used space into a mini onsite gym. 

Get your staff to join you in a cause:  a walk or run for a charity, volunteering for a community clean- up/improvement project, etc.  Doing things for others and with others is a great motivational tool.

You are the key to employee satisfaction! employee satisfaction