Training Process is Key to Optimizing Your New Medical Billing Software

The other day while getting ready to play my usual Thursday rec league softball game, I got into a discussion about the best way to prevent sports related injuries. We all agreed that both warming up and stretching your muscles are crucial to preventing injury and optimizing performance.  Another significant factor in performance is practice.iridium suite training process

Later in the week, it dawned on me that these same types of physical preparations for athletics are very similar in concept to the preparations experienced by our new Iridium Suite customers.

When preparing to play a sport, the warm up consists of duplicating the motions you will go through in the activity.  For instance prior to my games, we warm up our arms by playing catch and also take an easy jog a couple of times around the field. Once we have our muscles warm, it is much safer to stretch.  Stretching can be done effectively either prior to or after the activity.

How does this relate to our medical billing software training process?

We have the mental warm up:  Each new user participates in online lectures that provide detailed instructions on how to perform the essential functions of their job.  During the lecture, functions are demonstrated by the customer support representative while trainees are able to ask any questions they have along the way.


We have the mental stretching:  At the end of each day’s lesson, there are tests to complete that serve to facilitate the user’s understanding of the day’s material and emphasize their effect on the medical billing office workflow.


We have the mental practice:  Besides tests, there are exercises that duplicate the routine functions demonstrated in the day’s lesson.  Users are able to complete the exercises as many times as they need until they feel fully confident in their knowledge of the smedical business systemsoftware.



We know that a proper warm up routine combined with stretching prevents physical injuries and “practice makes perfect”. 

At Medical Business Systems, we approach your training the same way.   By providing the intensive training, we become your coach in optimizing your financial success!