The Seven Wonders of the Medical Billing Software World

The other day I recalled being taught as a child about the “Seven Wonders of the World”.  I was unable to remembe7 wonders of the worldr what they all were, so I did what we all do these days, I “Googled” it. 

According to Wikipedia, there is not one list but several.

The variety of lists can range from ancient wonders, natural wonders, man-made wonders, or combinations of these. 

The best medical billing software should provide ease of use, automated functionality and customization.


IMedical billing softwaret sparked a thought, what would the answer be if Medical Business Systems clients were asked this question:


What are the wonders of our Iridium Suite medical billing software?

Treatment Course Scheduling:  The scheduler function does provide the ability to enter unlimited “repeat” appointments for your patients.  This type of scheduling is a useful tool for specialties such as radiation oncology, medical oncology, and rehabilitative therapy.

The Connectivity Clearinghouse:  By using the standardized HL7 data format, Iridium Suite is able to communicate with any electronic health record system.  Data can be exchanged between these two unrelated systems eliminating the need for duplicate data entry of charges, patient demographics, etc.  The Connectivity Clearinghouse can also be utilized as a third party solution if you want to “link” your existing billing software to your EHR.

Customizable Claim Scrubber:  We go over and above in checking for clean claims before they go out to the payer.  Besides the usual NCCI edit file, we are able to create specific rules for our clients to assist them in catching any code issues that are specific to their practice. 

Integrated Proof of Timely Filing:  To guarantee the electronic claims are passed through the clearinghouse and accepted by the payer, our system records the responses in a report called “Proof of Timely Filing”.  This is the best defense when receiving those costly “untimely filing” denials from payers.

Auto-adjudication of ERAs:  The processing of ERAs in billing software is not a new concept, but we have taken it one step further.  Iridium Suite automatically imports available ERAs from the clearinghouse 24 hours a day and adjudicates all “machine readable” data.  This makes user interaction required in posting ERA payments very minimal.

Attachment of Primary EOB Data:  A standard paper remittance is generated by the system right along with the secondary claim form.  This eliminates the need of staff to make paper copies of the primary EOB when submitting secondary claims. 

Scheduling of Practice Management Reporting:  Practice managers can utilize the report scheduling function to automate their monthly/quarterly/yearly reporting requirements.  The system generates the scheduled reports and automatically emails them to the appropriate interested parties.

If your practice management system does not wonder you, contact us today for your free demo!