Saving the Earth, One Medical Practice at a Time

That may be a slight exaggeration, but today in honor of Earth Day 2014 I thought I would focus on the green benefits of web-based medical billing software and EHRs.  The technology available in these types of software provides an excellent opportunity for telecommuting by medical billers and coders.

Earth Day

Statistics found on an infographic from highlight the environmental impact from telecommuting:

telecommutingIf 1/2 of the US workforce commuted just part time, we would reduce 1/3 of our need for Persian Gulf oil annually and reduce greenhouse gas reduction equivalent to the entire New York state workforce working from home.

A medical biller and coder can operate their billing software from any secure internet connection and with special remote access programs, can have the provider’s complete EHR right at their fingertips.

paperless chartsOther environmentally friendly benefits of the EHR:

With no more paper charts, think of the money you can save while cutting down on paper and other items that can negatively affect our environment. Having electronic charts also eliminates the time office staff must waste hunting down a misplaced file.  

An EHR program with built in code capture allows you to get rid of those annoying and easy to lose paper charge slips/superbills.

connectivity clearinghouseA product like the Connectivity Clearinghouse can be utilized to transfer patient demographic data and charge information between otherwise “non-compatible” practice management systems and EHRs.


reduce, reuse, recycleEven if you are diligent about recycling , printing reams and reams of reports to analyze data and work your accounts receivables still can add up to quite a financial cost.

save the earthIridum Suite Practice Management System features a completely paperless AR module that enables the user to work through all open accounts right on the screen.  Adding notes, marking claims for reinvoicing, even providing a “one click” link directly to the payer’s website.


We only have the one planet, and we can each do our part in reducing our carbon footprint.  Contact Medical Business Systems today and be our partner in saving the earth one medical practice at a time!

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