Out of Sight-Not Out of mind

You might think I got the expression above incorrect, but I didn’t.  It is possible to get things out of sight but keep them in mind.

If you are like I was, you might have a note pad on your desk with a list of things to do, sticky notes applied to your computer monitor, or a desk calendar with appointments and reminders penciled in.  As a medical biller, I also had several file folders:

  •   Hospital patient face sheets and insurance card copies to create patient accounts,
  •   Super bills to enter charges into patient accounts, and
  •   Copies of denial EOBs that needed attention.

revenue cycle management system



There is one solution to eliminating the notes and folders: Iridium Suite Practice Management Software.


to do list


The Todo function allows users to enter electronic reminder notes for themselves or other office staff.  They can even be assigned to specific patient accounts or service lines in order to facilitate your practice workflow.  Away goes the note pad, sticky notes and desk calendar.


connectivity clearinghouseThe Connectivity Clearinghouse uses the HL7 standard data format to allow patient demographic and charge data to be imported from your electronic health record system (EHR).  You will no longer spend hours manually entering patient information and chasing down super bills in order to file your claims.

Your system can even be set up to auto-import data from the EHR.  The billing staff will not need to have any intervention to compile the EHR data or export it to the billing system.


Since most payers offer ERAs and Iridium Suite utilizes auto-adjudication, the manual entry of insurance payments accoounts receivable managementis nearly eliminated.  You have no need to worry about losing track of denials that are received on those ERAs.  A quick click on the Accounts Receivables icon produces the “High Priority” claim list.  Service lines that have received a denial are indicated by bright yellow highlighting with the words Needs Attention.  Payment data can be accessed quickly and the electronic record is always available eliminating the need to keep paper copies of the remittance.

For thorough billing follow up, each service line has a built in Activity Log where all activities for the service are automatically recorded as well as biller’s notes that can be added manually as needed.

practice management systemMany times working in the medical field, we feel like we are pulled in a million directions at once.  It can be very easy to get overwhelmed, be distracted, and forget tasks.  Why not choose a practice management system with advanced functions that can help you stay on top of your responsibilities with no strings required?