Medical Billers Prevent Your “Send” Regrets


In this world of constant instantaneous electronic communications how many times have you had that awful realization the moment you hit that button you shouldn’t have?



I do it all the time and expect most people do as well.  Sometimes it is for no real reason, just unfounded paranoia.  Most often it is when I forget to send an attachment when the whole purpose of my message was to send the attachment.



My smart phone does have a cool app that will give me a few seconds to “un-send” an email which is nice, but most emails I send are from my laptop.



Even though I can find it annoying there is a benefit when online shopping sites ask you at least twice:  ‘Okay, are you SURE you want to buy THIS and use THAT form of payment?’


With functions like  and  built into Iridium Suite, you get that second chance at reviewing your electronic transactions before they are transmitted.

If the scrubber finds any issues with your insurance claims,
you have the opportunity to correct the data,

if an error or 

it to override the warning message.

is also available for your patient statements.  Avoid from the unhappy patients when they receive a statement with incorrect data.



In addition to helping prevent sending erred claims and statements, our medical billing software provides tools to help you clean up payment and accounts receivable errors as well.


You can payments that have been misapplied to service lines. Payments with more complex issues, you are able to


When needed, payments that have been accepted as being received by your financial institution can also be unaccepted in order to accurately match your financial statement.



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