Making the Best Medical Billing Software Inspired by the World’s Best Lasagna

Today, July 29, 2014 is National Lasagna Day!  I love it and believe it deserves its own day!  Many others agree I am sure. 

The website© proves it.  It’s most popular recipe for 12 years straight has been the World’s Best Lasagna .

I watched the video, and the magic is in the ingredients (homemade meat sauce) and care in preparation (that sauce and lots of cheese, carefully layered with al dente noodles). 

Now that we are all starving and can only think of eating a big plate of hot out of the oven lasagna, I want to talk about my real point here. 

Medical Business Systems has developed the best medical billing software by concentrating on functionality (ingredients) as well as customer service and IT support (preparation).

                                The Ingredients:

World’s Best Lasagna

Iridium Suite Practice Management Software

Two kinds of meat: sweet Italian sausage and ground beef

Two ways patient demographics and charge data can be captured: manually or imported from EHR via HL7

Three forms of tomatoes: crushed, sauce, and paste

Three stages of auditing, CCI Edits, custom claim/code scrubber rules and automated clearinghouse(ACH)/payer response records prevent denials and ensure clean claims

Various seasonings: salt, pepper, garlic, onion, Italian seasoning, basil, parsley, and sugar

Numerous options to add payer and/or practice specific claims and payments configurations.  High importance items are highlighted using color, audio alarms, and visual indicators

Three types of cheese: ricotta, mozzarella, and parmesan

Functions on three types of operating systems: Windows, Mac, and Linux


The Preparation: 

World’s Best Lasagna

Iridium Suite Practice Management Software

Meat sauce:  brown meat, add tomatoes and seasonings then simmer

Customized practice database configuration

Cheese mixture: combine ricotta, egg, salt and parsley

ACH/payer enrollment for claims, ERA and eligibility

Noodles: boil in salted water until al dente

Practice database is utilize by staff while undergoing in-depth training by support representatives

Layer: sauce, noodles and cheeses

6 months of free support provided to staff ensuring smooth implementation and optimum operational functionality


The recipe calls for 50 minutes of baking, 15 minutes to cool, and then delicious, comforting lasagna is your reward.


In less time than that, you can take a free demo of Iridium Suite Medical Billing Software and be on your way to reaping the financial rewards for your medical practice.