Iridium Suite is a Grand Slam

Tennis star Serena Williams is poised to earn the distinguishing accomplishment of a singles Grand Slam winner. 


grand slam

 She has won three majors this year, Wimbledon and the French and Australian Opens.

 If she continues the streak at the US Open she will be successful.

 It’s pretty rare, the last time was 1988.

little league world series


In watching the Little League World Series recently, I imagined it would be every one of those little boys’ dream to hit a Grand Slam homer in the big game.   A bases loaded home run is rare, but it does happen.

best practice management system


 At Medical Business Systems, we have accomplished our own Grand Slam in the revenue cycle management arena.



1.       ICD-10 readiness has been one of our top priorities for several years.  Our software already has all ICD-10 codes loaded and ready to use.There   is an easy to use version 9 to 10 crosswalk tool to help staff convert your familiar codes into the new required ones.

2.       Infrastructure flexibility provides users to utilize the software with multiple operating systems: Windows, Mac, and Linux.  Your billing system should   not limit your IT choices.

3.       Our especially created Connectivity Clearinghouse allows Iridium Suite to communicate with “unrelated” electronic medical record (EMR) systems.   Patient demographics, payer information and charge data can be exchanged seamlessly.  You don’t have to be stuck with a sub-par billing module that’s “thrown in” with the EMR.

4.      Premium Customer Service is our standard. We provide intense and thorough medical billing software training to all new clients. Based on individual preference and the situation, this assistance can be done by telephone, online meeting or email that can be directly accessed in the Iridium Suite Software. Our customer service is not out-sourced, it is all handled right here in the US.

medical billing software


Learn more about the best medical practice management system at where you can also sign up for free demo. Contact Jonathan Morse at sales2@iridumsuite.comto get all your questions answered.