ICD-10 is Coming, Like Those Slovenly Zombies, to Eat Your Brains

Okay, that is pretty dramatic, but it is Halloween month after all.  The coming of the “real” ICD-10 implementation date (currently October 1, 2015) has been like watching those super slow moving zombies inching towards their victims.

ICD-10 is coming

I am never actually sure how they catch up to anyone, even on a bad day I can outrun a shuffling undead creature.

As medical billers though, we have been assured we are going to get caught by the seemingly slowly approaching ICD-10 implementation.

So as the Zombie Apocalypse believers do, we must get ready now. We won’t need machetes, axes, or stockpiles of shotgun shells; most of our prep is mental.  We have to change how we think, how we analyze data in medical records and what processes we need to adhere to these new coding standards.

By now, all software vendors should have provided the ability to utilize the newest HCFA-1500 form that was designed to accommodate ICD-10 years ago. One of the easiest adjustments that can be made is the updating of your revenue cycle management system so that it contains the ICD-10 codes.  They however, may be lagging behind on bringing in the codes. 

revenue cycle management software


It’s hard to feel confident in their success on ICD-Day if they are having issues with these two basic steps.

So, if your current vendor is failing on either one of these preparations, then it may be the optimum time to start looking for a new one.  You can schedule a free demo of Iridium Suite today.

Our revenue cycle management system was ready to go with the ICD-10 codes almost one year ago.  There is even a built in crosswalk tool that can assist users in converting the known ICD-9 code to the new ICD-10 code, or at least get you in the ballpark.


work smarter not harder

Like in those corny movies, no matter how slow, the zombies always get their brains.  ICD-10 will be coming to fill yours soon.Be ready with medical billing software that can handle it!