Guess on March Madness, not Medical Billing Software

No doubt you heard the big announcement by Warren Buffett in conjunction with Quicken Loans and Yahoo Sports that anyone submitting a perfect bracket for March Madness will win $1,000,000,000.00. 

That’s right as Doctor Evil would say: One . . . billion . . . dollars!

march madness bracket challenge

15 million people will be able to test their luck on accurately predicting the outcome of 63 NCAA college basketball games.  Predicting all 63 winners doesn’t sound like an impossible task.  It’s not impossible, just highly unlikely.  Depending on the source, the odds of winning have been estimated to be one in 4,294,967,296 or one in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808.

The chance of being struck by lightning in a lifetime is 1/6250 (estimated lifespan of 80 years).

odds of winning bracket challenge

It is free to enter the challenge, so if you lose, no harm, no foul, no out of pocket expense.  It is risk free.

Choosing medical billing software on the other hand is not risk free.  By making an incorrect selection, the income stream of your medical office could slow down from a raging river to a trickling creek.

reduced claim reimburesment

Medical Business Systems, the proprietor of Iridium Suite, prides itself in providing one of the best practice management software systems available.  A few of the most valuable benefits you will experience when using Iridium Suite are:

Prior to going “live” with your new database, all users are provided with a thorough training course conducted via online web meetings with their designated customer support representative.  They will also enjoy complete access to a “demo” database to practice, practice, practice.  Our goal is to make the transitions to your new software as pleasant and trouble free as possible.

Provider enrollment for all payer electronic services will be handled by our staff.  We strive to create a seamless implementation to the new clearinghouse, which helps to eliminate any unnecessary claim and payment delays.

If your staff is feeling overloaded, you can also elect to enroll for our patient statement and paper claim mailing service.  The data is transmitted electronically just like regular electronic claims and the service handles the rest.

Customer service representatives in the United States can be contacted by telephone or via email directly from a link inside your database. Urgent attention to any issue that arises and its quick resolution is their ultimate priority.  Our support staff consists of experienced medical billers, so they understand your billing needs and are there to customize the software to meet those needs.

As the ICD-10 deadline quickly approaches, you would have the confidence that your medical billing software was ready for the challenge.  It has an integrated ICD-9/ICD-10 crosswalk eliminating the need for additional software for your office staff.

For anyone reaching the “Final Four” with a perfect score the aforementioned Warren Buffett has been quoted as saying he will make an “offer you can’t refuse”.

Our free demo of Iridium Suite is an offer you can’t refuse!  medical billing software free demo