First Class Treatment is Standard with Iridium Suite Practice Management Software

Summertime is a big vacation travel season.  This summer was the first time in a few years that I have travelled by air.  best medical billing softwareEach time I do, there are more and more things that are not included that used to be.  You pay extra for luggage, ear phones, food/snacks, the privilege of boarding early, and even the ability to maybe fully extend your legs. 

The exception to the “a la carte” way is travelling business or first class. There are even planes with seats that lay completely flat.  You can have a refreshing night’s sleep on your transatlantic overnight or combat the fallout of those nasty “red eye” flights.  Those options are well above my pay grade.


best practice management softwareIf you are considering purchasing new billing software or are a brand new medical practice or billing service, there are many things that can influence your decision. 

Remember this fact: it’s nice to have a practice management system that provides first class treatment no matter if you are a single provider office, multi-specialty group or medical billing service with numerous clients. 

Each of our Iridium Suite customers gets the same high-quality training, customer service and support.


Upon the initiation of the customer agreement, you are contacted by a dedicated customer service representative. He or she becomes your go-to person for payer enrollment, database configuration and staff training.


payer enrollmentThe payer enrollments for electronic transactions with the clearinghouse can be a big burden for small offices with limited staff.

We alleviate much of the time and effort that other software companies place on the customer in this
stage of the transition process.

Database configuration is performed by MBS IT staff based on thorough information gathered by your representative related to the specifics of your practice, providers, and payers. 

Our goal is build the infrastructure of your system so accurately that it is a “turn-key” system as soon as you “go live”.

Our focus on the details helps to eliminate delays in claims submission preventing negative impact on your business cash flow.

complimentary training


The last step of the transition plan is staff training. Before going live, all system users are provided with extensive training by your representative.  This includes: lectures and demonstrations via online meetings, practice exercises for their common job functions and “open book” type tests that assist the users in understanding the system and its inner workings.

Additionally, we schedule time to spend with staff as they perform their everyday tasks during the first week in the live database.  Having this one-on-one time provides reinforcement of the principles reviewed during training and is another way we ensure the smoothest transition possible.  If a client desires on-site training, this can be accommodated as well.

practice management systems

At Medical Business Systems, we know there are many choices in practice management systems

Please give us the chance to show you why we are the best choice.  Contact us for a free demo!