Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Medical Billing Systems


An EHR must not only record your patient data electronically, but should be certified for meaningful use by CMS. Once you select a certified system, this gives you the potential to earn financial incentives from CMS by providing the required proof of meaningful use.


Integrating multiple systems can enhance your work environment and improve efficiency. Your billing and coding software should be able to directly import medical data such as patient demographics from your EHR. This type of integration will eliminate the need for re-entry of patient data into the billing system by office staff.

Iridium Suite medical billing software now comes with the Connectivity Clearinghouse enabling connections to multiple EHR systems. You can connect to your EHR as often as your office work flow dictates. With accurate and complete data entry in your EHR, you are able to bring in all the necessary information to bill and file your patient claims.

The Connectivity Clearinghouse can use multiple protocols such as: LLP, HTTPS, and SFTP. It can also be extended to use multiple data formats such as: multiple versions of HL7, any well formed XML and delimited text.

The versatility of the Connectivity Clearinghouse in Iridium Suite practice billing software provides the foundation to integrate with your existing Electronic Health Record, saving your practice time and money.

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