Does Your Medical Billing Job Make You Feel Old?

When I recently saw this article title “Anxiety May Speed Aging” I was intrigued and had to click on the link that took me to the website.  Even though that publication was specific to anxiety disorders, there were other articles that also point to stress and depression accelerating aging, physician burnout, and hypertension being linked to job strain. 

claim scrubbers

All of these titles got my wheels turning. Medical billing is wrought with anxiety, stress, job strain and even encounters with burnt out physicians.

If this describes your workday, Medical Business Systems has the best medical practice management system to combat these negative situations.



Frequent coding changes and payer medical policy changes require billers to be constantly alert in order to prevent denied claims.  Iridium Suite has built-in scrubbers that keep up to date with the NCCI edits.  We can also create customized scrubber rules to follow your payers’ medical reimbursement policies.

Some payers also seem to do their best to make generating clean claims difficult.  They may require taxonomy codes on claims, hidden date spans for some procedures, a single provider per claim, or additional information such as a billing note in box 19 of the HCFA claim form.  With our medical billing software, you can accommodate all of the special requirements they throw at you.


special claim rules


Electronic claims submission has shortened the payment turn-around time immensely.  However, some systems do little to provide you with the confidence that your claims were actually received and accepted by the payer. 

We created two tools in Iridium Suite to deal with just that.  The first is the Electronic Claims Queue.  In this area, you have immediate access to the complete list of submitted electronic claims and the verification that they were processed appropriately through the clearinghouse.

The best feature of the Electronic Claims Queue is the built-in alert system that notifies users when a claim has been rejected.  This provides a full proof way to ensure problem claims are addressed as quickly as possible.

If a payer tries to deny receipt of the claim and avoid processing by the “lack of timely filing” reason code, you can get a system generated “Proof of Timely Filing” report to provide the payer and get your claim paid appropriately.

Many articles I have seen regarding physician burnout point to feelings of overwork brought on by seeing more and more patients, while reimbursements are getting less and less.  Additional provider stress comes from requirements to utilize electronic health records, prove meaningful use and PQRS reporting.


Iridium Suite streamlines office workflow and provides thorough reporting for financial analysis, which can help alleviate some of the things that contribute to your physician’s worries.

Contact today or schedule a free demo for more ways we can make your practice run smoother. We are also a perfect fit as software for medical billing services too!