Can a Bicycle Make Your Medical Practice Better?

Friday, May 16, 2014 is National Bike to Work Day.  When I saw that announcement, it made me think about a bicycle.  It is a relatively simple machine for transportation, and/or recreation, but without the successful interworking of all the numerous parts you would go nowhere fast.


What a terrifically similar concept to a medical practice.  Without the successful interworkings of each staff member, accompanied by the necessary technology of good medical billing software, your practice would be like that bike, going nowhere fast.

May is National Bike Month

So let’s have some fun and hopefully learn something as we compare some common bike parts to a medical office:

Frame:  this is the basis for the whole bike.  It’s what holds it all together.  It requires parts that fit properly in order to perform as needed.  It needs to be sturdy, yet flexible.  To me, this is the physician’s role.  Without the doctor, nothing can happen.

healthcare provider

Handlebars/Brake Levers: these provide the stability, steering and stopping.  They are responsible for getting you to the final destination.  With the final destination being a successful, financially viable medical practice, an effective Practice/Business Manager is the key.

medical office manager
Drive Train (Gears/Sprockets/Pedals/Chain):  the real machinery is here.  This makes you go farther faster and easier.  The same can be said if you optimize all the functions in high quality medical billing software like Iridium Suite by Medical Business Systems.   Sign up for your FREE DEMO TODAY
OSHA and HIPAA policies

Lights/Reflectors/Helmets: are safety necessities when dealing with hectic and dangerous traffic.  A medical practice can also be quite hectic and you may often encounter some health hazards.  It is crucial to have your staff trained in your HIPAA policy to protect patient information as well as an OSHA Policy.


Seat: this is all about support and comfort.  A bad fit can definitely cause your ride to be truly uncomfortable and even painful.  The same goes for the day-to-day operations of your office.  The right staff will make your days run like a well-oiled machine. practice management software


So as this Friday wraps-up Bike to Work Week, I hope that by using a bicycle as a model, you can improve the efficiency of your office by understanding how each part works together to get you to your final destination!