Billing Software – Built to Fit

Anyone who has seen the phrase “one size fits all” on anything knows this is baloney, hog wash, mumbo jumbo, bunk.  Why then would we think this applies to medical billing systems?  Your practice is different from the one across the hall, on the other side of the street, the next city, and other states.

custom software You can open the box or click the link, load it on your computer and log in, but do you really

                      know if it fits? 

Will it be able to conform to non-standard payer specific requirements?  

Will it be able to understand that some of your patients are outpatient and some are seen in your office?

Will it come with all your payers and referring doctors loaded for immediate use?

Will it be able to communicate with your existing EHR software?


 frustrated with bad software 

If the answer to even one of those questions is “No”, then read on and see how Iridium Suite practice management software for Mac, Windows and Linux is customized to fit your needs before you even get started.

1.       A dedicated customer support representative is assigned to handle all the set-up and training for your practice.


2.       Details are gathered and verified about your practice: all service locations, payment address, providers with payer identifiers, NPI registration information, current payer profile and referring physician listing.


3.       This information is sent to the IT Department where they begin to build your database with your specific set of data.


4.       Your customer support representative thoroughly examines your payer profile for available electronic claims, remittances, and real time eligibility.  All enrollments with the clearinghouse are completed by the customer support representative, unless provider intervention is required.  In those cases, your representative coordinates this part of the process with you directly.


5.       Extensive training is provided to all users via online meetings with your customer support representative and also the first 6 months of your contract provides for unlimited free support.  This ensures all of your staff will have complete guidance in the early stages of learning the software.


6.        Every member of our Support staff has extensive medical billing experience, so we know that some payers just want the claims “their way or the highway”.  Together we discuss these known special case scenarios from day one, which allows us to prepare your database with the necessary special claims configurations.


7.       Does your specialty have procedures with billing edits like bundling issues or MUE’s?  We can write a custom scrubber rule for you to prevent users from making costly billing errors.


8.       If you want to interface your EHR with Iridium Suite, no sweat.  Our Connectivity Clearinghouse utilizes HL7 format and can be tailored to your needs.

Don’t buy into the “one size fits all” billing software approach.  one size fits all

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