Are You Missing Charges in Your Medical Practice

Are you afraid you are missing patient charges in your medical practice?

The fact is: technology is great.  It provides great contribution to our quality of life, streamlines workflow, and can automate some pretty mundane tasks. 

Even with all that, the human element is still a major force in ensuring the effectiveness of patient charge capture.


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The best two tools you can utilize to feel confident all charges are being captured in your practice are the daily schedule and your patient medical records.  Hopefully, you have already converted to electronic health records (EHR) as this technology is a much more efficient format for evaluating the coding for rendered services.


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First, I would look at my schedule for any appointments that were marked as “completed”, meaning the patient did come in for their visit/procedure.  Then I would verify I have been provided the charge code(s) for the type of service scheduled.  If it is determined that a patient was seen, but no charges were provided, this is noted and an inquiry will be passed on to the responsible party.

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All patients that did not show for their appointments or that had cancelled should be indicated on the schedule. This will assist staff if any future auditing is done.

Image from Iridium Suite Medical Billing Software – Scheduler Discrepancy Report

scheduler discrepancy report


A handy tool for verifying all charges have been collected is utilizing a report that indicates patient’s status such as checked-in, but not checked-out.

 patient check in procedure 


Once the code(s) for the services are received, I can review the medical record to confirm that the appropriate code(s) have been chosen.  Upon review of the record, I may notice additional services that were provided, but not reported for billing.  This would be reported to the responsible party for the coding of the added rendered service(s).


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By following through on charge capture based on your practice schedule and medical documentation, you can be confident that you are appropriately capturing all your charges and hopefully it’s associated revenue!

Iridium Suite Medical Billing Software utilizes our special “Connectivity Clearinghouse” to bring together your code capture within your HER and the actual filing of claims.

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