Medical Business Systems and Prowess Inc. Announce Partnership

Reno, NV – Locally owned Medical Business Systems announced today that it will enter into a partnership with Prowess Inc. to integrate Medical Business Systems’ Iridium Suite medical billing software into the Panther EMR|OIS|PACS solution. 

Iridium Suite is a leader in the radiation oncology billing software market.  Iridium Suite’s customers experience unparalleled billing cycle automation and error prevention measures which result in higher staff productivity and increased medical claim reimbursement and cash flow. 

The partnership between Medical Business Systems and Prowess Inc. will permit Panther users to directly access Iridium Suite’s medical billing software while working within the Panther system.  The integration of the two systems will facilitate the exchange of patient charge and demographic data between Iridium Suite and Panther, resulting in enhanced medical staff efficiency and increased data accuracy.

Iridium Suite and Panther EMR|OIS|PACS integration key benefits:

  • Practices will have access to Iridium Suite’s fully integrated Real-Time Eligibility allowing direct online verification of patient’s insurance policy validity.
  • The direct exchange of patient demographic and charge data between Panther and Iridium Suite eliminates the need to re-key data, increasing data accuracy and medical staff efficiency.
  • Iridium Suite’s automatic scrubber provides immediate feedback alerting medical billers when a charge is in violation of medical billing rules helping practices bill claims correctly the first time.
  • Using Iridium Suite’s fully integrated and automated electronic billing features, MBS and Prowess customers are able to send claims and receive ERAs without having to interact with a third party system.
  • Iridium Suite’s robust reporting module allows practices to analyze their fiscal health and clinical data through hundreds of easy-to-configure reports.

About Medical Business Systems

Medical Business Systems is an innovator in the field of medical billing software.  Medical Business Systems was founded by a practicing physician.   Its flagship product, Iridium Suite medical billing software, was developed in clinical setting.  It has its origins in radiation oncology billing but is perfectly suited for, and serves all medical specialties.  Iridium Suite features leading edge technology which benefits its users throughout the United States.  For more information, please visit

About Prowess Inc.

For more than 20 years, PROWESS Inc. has been trusted by doctors worldwide to provide advanced and innovative Windows-based software solutions:  radiation treatment planning (TPS), oncology information system (OIS) and record-and-verify (R&V) and is expanding beyond the Radiation Workflow to include the entire Oncology Department Workflow needs. 

Prowess Inc. is headquartered in Concord, California.  Under the leadership of CEO John Nguyen, Prowess is the pioneer in Oncology software solutions including its patented DAO IMRT technology, the only Real-time Adaptive Radiation Therapy (RealART) planning, the very first in Windows 7/64 bit-based TPS, and a ribbon workflow driven interface throughout its product portfolio.  For more information, please visit


To learn more about this partnership, please contact:
Susan Morrison
Medical Business Systems
Office:  (775)453-3193