MBS’ Connectivity Clearinghouse Transforms Medical Data System Interfaces

Reno, NV – Locally owned Medical Business Systems (MBS) announces the release of its proprietary Connectivity Clearinghouse, custom software which facilitates efficient, flexible and cost effective interfaces between disparate medical data systems.

The Connectivity Clearinghouse can be thought of as a bridge that connects distinct systems, allowing data to flow between them without requiring data file format compatibility between the systems. The Connectivity Clearinghouse receives output from the system which is transmitting the data and translates that output into a format that can be understood by the receiving system.

The Connectivity Clearinghouse helps its users by offering unparalleled data connection flexibility:

  • The Connectivity Clearinghouse can easily customize HL7 data fields allowing medical data systems to exchange a wider variety of information.
  • In addition to accommodating HL7 data formats, the Connectivity Clearinghouse works with other data formats such as XML, ANSI EDI x12 and DICOM, offering greater adaptability between systems.
  • The Connectivity Clearinghouse also supports a wide range of secure communication protocols for additional versatility.

Medical Business Systems’ Connectivity Clearinghouse is the perfect data integration software for healthcare solution providers whose systems need to communicate with one another in order to serve their clients’ needs. This includes:

  •  Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) Systems
  •  Practice Management Systems
  •  Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)
  •  Health Information Exchanges (HIEs)
  •  Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACs)
  •  Hospitals
  •  Large Medical Practices or Alliances
  •  Billing Services

With its data flexibility and cost effectiveness, the Connectivity Clearinghouse supports healthcare solution providers by facilitating smooth and flexible data interfaces between the many companies that serve the medical field.

About Medical Business Systems

Medical Business Systems is a leader in the medical software market. Medical Business Systems’ staff members have domain expertise in the medical field which allows the company to provide innovative and effective solutions to the healthcare industry. For more information about the Connectivity Clearinghouse, please visit http://www.iridiumsuite.com/connectivity-clearinghouse.

Susan Morrison
Medical Business Systems
Office:  (775)453-3193