Management Team


Michael Kos, M.D. – President

Dr. Kos grew up in Canada and is fluent in French. At the age of 13, he was interested in software and began programming his own video games on a Commodore PET. At University, his primary interests included economics and science.

Dr. Kos completed medical school and residency in Radiation Oncology in Canada. He opened his own practice in Reno, Nevada and required billing software. Billing software with the specific needs of a Radiation Oncologist did not exist.

Accountability and biller productivity were well known concepts in economics, but not in the field of medical billing. Using his knowledge in programming, economics and Radiation Oncology, Dr. Kos used his expertise to build a company that would create the most superior Radiation Oncology billing system. Having medical billers design a system to enhance workflow and productivity was an obvious first step. He and his team continue to automate the billing process to maximize worker productivity.

Dr. Kos continues to practice Radiation Oncology on a full-time basis. His primary clinical research interests are stereotactic radiosurgery and high-dose rate brachytherapy for prostate cancer.

Dr. Kos enjoys cooking, skiing, mountain biking, playing with his two children and reading.


Ryan Wexler – Software Architect

Ryan Wexler serves as the chief software architect for Shavara.

He has over a decade of experience in developing commercial software. Before Shavara, Ryan worked in a variety of industries, including healthcare, but ranging from online retail to National security clearance work. At Shavara, Ryan drives development and product management.

Mr. Wexler is first and foremost an engineer and his technical resume is extensive. He has substantial knowledge in the medical billing industry and is an expert in industry standards like ANSI, DICOM and HL7.

Ryan’s combination of technical know-how and healthcare industry knowledge allows him a unique perspective and the ability to develop products that are innately intuitive.

Ryan is an avid outdoorsman and when he is not working he can be found on the ski slopes or on a bike.


Jonathan Morse, M.S. - Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Jonathan Morse serves as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Shavara.

He studied Business Adminstration and Economics at the University of Vermont and received his Master's in Nonprofit Management and Philanthropy from Bay Path University. He utilizes his leadership skills and sales expertise to build Shavara’s client base.

Jonathan also works as a sales consultant for RADMAX, Ltd, connecting prospective clients to the CEO. His expertise in sales and marketing enables him to interact with people of all backgrounds in a way that produces favorable results.

Jonathan also serves as President of the Board of Trustees at Temple Emanu-El of Reno, Nevada, and is a Board Member of the Sjogrens Syndrome Foundation in Reston, Virginia.

In his spare time, Jonathan enjoys mountain sports. 


Kevin Ewalt - Vice President of Operations

Kevin serves as Vice President of Operations for Shavara.

Kevin has over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry including UCLA Medical Center and Saint John’s Hospital and Health Center in California. Kevin served as Director of Operations for the East Texas Medical Center Cancer Institute, gaining expertise in marketing, project planning, budget planning, and medical billing. 

He founded RADMAX, Ltd 12 years ago and continues to act as CEO. Kevin is also an accomplished musician. Kevin’s ability to think creatively, as well as analytically, makes him a unique leader.

In his free time, Kevin plays drums for several bands in the East Texas area. He’s also an avid cyclist, mountain biker, and enjoys yoga.  

Revenue Cycle Management: Accomplished.

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Revenue Cycle Management: Accomplished.

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by Shavara

Shavara has the accumulated 'experience capital', the market know-how, the intricacies of coding, billing and connectivity that we have 'learned'. It is the basis of the work we do in Catalysis - Shavara's Professional Services Engagements.

Revenue Cycle Management: solved.

What is Catalysis?


To "catalyze" is to rapidly advance by applying powerful tools and industry expertise. Catalysis becomes the process to gain access to the power, apply it to solve gaps and vulnerabilities - then rapidly advance. Shavara possesses the tools to apply Catalysis via collaborative engagements. Our infinite targets are the enterprise organizations: Hospitals, clearinghouse processors, Insurance companies (payers), and large physician practices, peppered throughout the Healthcare system that all share equally the challenges, pitfalls, inefficiencies, ineffectiveness, and the deliberate speed-bumps placed there by bureaucrats to slow down the revenue cycle.

What are the costs of these speed-bumps to the Healthcare system? The costs are in the billions.

Inefficiencies / ineffectiveness / inaccuracies in coding and billing mean:

  • a higher cost of money due to extended A/Rs
  • a higher cost of operating due to the number of additional staff required to research and chase down A/Rs
  • a decline in the quality and calibre of care - care outcomes due to the necessity of placing so much cost on the administrative and operational side of the equation

Therefore, solving this eliminates and holds the potential to improve organizational effectiveness, reduce the cost of healthcare and improve healthcare outcomes.


So, who is Shavara?  What is that old lamp on the corner of the desk?

That lamp holds wisdom. The cumulative potential of that wisdom holds the potential to dramatically impact operational effectiveness and improve healthcare outcomes.

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