Iridium Suite v.10 Press Release

Medical Business Systems Announces the Release of Iridium Suite Version 10, Expanding Its Reach to Serve All Medical Specialties

By Susan Morrison
November 26, 2012

Reno, NV – Locally owned Medical Business Systems announced today that it has released Iridium Suite version 10 which makes its user-friendly medical billing software the best billing solution for all medical specialties.  Iridium Suite version 10 brings the technological advantages previously enjoyed primarily by radiation oncology practices to every medical practice within the United States.   

Iridium Suite is a leader in the billing software market.  Iridium Suite’s customers experience unparalleled billing cycle automation and error prevention measures which result in higher staff productivity and increased medical claim reimbursement and cash flow. 

Iridium Suite was developed in conjunction with modern electronic billing standards and therefore its users benefit from unparalleled levels of automation throughout the medical billing cycle.  Iridium Suite is 5010 and ICD-10 compliant.  With Iridium Suite:

  • Clinics can choose between visit-based or treatment course-based billing work flow to maximize staff productivity and reduce missed charges.
  • Practices have access to fully integrated Real-Time Eligibility allowing direct online verification of patient’s insurance policy validity.
  • Users are able to import patient data directly from the practice’s EMR/EHR reducing manual keying requirements.
  • The software’s user-friendly super bill charge entry interface is easily configured to mirror each practice’s clinical documentation.
  • Iridium Suite’s automatic scrubber provides immediate feedback alerting medical billers when a charge is in violation of medical billing rules, helping practices bill claims correctly the first time.
  • Using Iridium Suite’s fully integrated and automated electronic billing features, Iridium Suite customers are able to send claims and receive ERAs without having to interact with a third party system.
  • Iridium Suite’s robust reporting module allows practices to analyze their fiscal health and clinical data through hundreds of easy-to-configure reports.

 “The other systems I’ve used to bill are far too difficult to navigate. Iridium Suite is very user friendly. It eliminated so much mundane work my staff and I had been doing for years with other systems,” says Daphne Palmer, M.D.

“The investment has been minimal compared to other alternatives and the improvement in revenue stream has been fabulous, sometimes getting the money in the bank within the same week from the date of service.  [This was] unheard of before I had Iridium Suite,” responded Dr. Jaime Lozano.

About Medical Business Systems

Medical Business Systems is an innovator in the field of medical billing software.  Medical Business Systems was founded by a practicing physician.   Its flagship product, Iridium Suite medical billing software, was developed in clinical setting.  Iridium Suite features leading edge technology which benefits its users throughout the United States.  For more information, please visit

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